Slides and other resources from past club meetings.

Winter 2024

2024-02-14 - Summer Sundae CTF 2023 Walkthrough w/ Ashley

Fall 2023

2023-10-03 - Command Line Intro w/ Ashley
2023-10-10 - Intro to Cybersec w/ Chris

Summer 2023

Summer Sundae CTF Challenges

Spring 2022

2022-04-05 - Baby Binary Workshop w/ Ashley

Winter 2022

2022-02-24 - Wireshark Workshop w/ Nate
2022-02-17 - Intro to Hacker Culture w/ Ashley
2022-02-10 - Reverse Shell Workshop w/ Ashley
2022-02-03 - Tor Workshop w/ Nate

Fall 2021

2021-12-01 - Intro to Client Side Attacks w/ Grayson
2021-11-10 - Nmap, Ncat and iNternet, Oh My! w/ Mack
2021-11-03 - OSINT Tools Workshop w/ Ashley
2021-10-27 - Password Cracking Workshop w/ Ashley
2021-10-06 - Kali Workshop w/ Ashley

Legacy Resources

Talking to Remote Servers
RCEs, Reverse Shells, and Privilege Escalation
Local File Inclusion
SSH Keys and Tunnels
Basic Log Analysis
Side Channel Attacks
Bash and Linux Basics
SQL Injection
Assembly/GDB Refresher
Stack Buffer Overflows
Return Oriented Programming
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Additionally, Kevin's slides for ECS 189M can be found here.