About Cyber Security Club at UC Davis

Cyber Security Club at UC Davis is a registered student organization dedicated to all topics cyber security! Our activities include workshops teaching technical cyber security skills, guest speakers from the industry, CTF competitions, interacting with faculty and staff in cyber security, and more. Join us to meet new people and also have some fun.


Ashley Bilbrey - President

Chris Yam - CTF Team Manager

Nate Buttke - Workshop Coordinator

Dan - General Officer

Zhenkai Weng - General Officer

Mahmood Ikram - General Officer

Justine Ellery - Social Media & Graphics Manager

Lance Barnes - Treasurer

Ethan Ng - General Officer

Jason Huang - General Officer

Akhil Guntur - General Officer

Additionally, Professor Bishop is our faculty advisor.


Our regular meetings for the Winter 2024 quarter are Tuesdays at 5:10pm in 1131 Kemper Hall, however some exceptions apply. Visit our calendar and Discord for the most up-to-date information.